Welcome to tcs_lib’s documentation!

tcs_lib provides some functionalities to simply or proxy the interaction with the HET Telescope Control System (TCS)

This documentation is also available on het-tcs-lib.readthedocs.io.

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tcs_event - ZeroMQ based listener

This module is the core of tcs_lib.

It is a ZeroMQ based listener that wait for the next TCS event, composed of a header and a payload (a dictionary) and returns it.

Mock TCS events

In order to test tcs_event and code using it, some TCS event is needed. Having your own telescope might not be ideal. Therefore we provide a ZeroMQ server, tcs_lib.zmq_server.ZMQServer, that can stream TCS like events, and two event generators, tcs_lib.zmq_server.TCSMockEvent and tcs_lib.zmq_server.TCSDBReplay, that can be plugged into the server. They are also conveniently packaged and exposed via the tcs_replay executable described in Stream TCS events.

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